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Look forward to your events in style
Get more done in less time

Customize your Countdown and Session banner for your events, study or work


What Users say📢

👨🎓User - I'm a graduate student, and I have to write different types of papers every semester. Sometimes writing can be hard but with a timer I can sit down and focus on writing for a couple of hours and get the task done.

👩📚User - I used to have a hard time with procrastination and getting started with my research and writing, I still sometimes do but far less than I used to. Countdown and session timer have helped me build a routine of working and better schedule my week.

👩💃User - Seeing my upcoming events is a great reminder but also a great mood booster as I feel excited for my events.

Benefits of Session Timer

Attention and concentration are improved. When you’re working on a task and you know you only have a limited amount of time to do it, you’ll naturally concentrate more intently. This may result in more effectiveness and productivity in doing your taskBetter time-management abilities. You may do more in less time by using Session timer to help you best manage your time and learn how to work more effectively.Increased productivity and motivation. Session timer gives you a specific goals to strive towards, and when you accomplish, it may be motivating and inspiring. As a consequence, your productivity can only improve.Higher accountability because you don’t want to waste time, you’re more likely to stay focused and avoid distractions when you’re working against a timer. You may become more effective overall as a result.

Benefits of Countdown Timer

Better mood and more excitement. Having something to look forward to naturally brings excitement and joy to our everyday lifeClarity and perspective. Its easy to end up in autopilot in our everyday life and lose perspective, with a defined and intentional countdown timer you get back clarity and perspective